Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Los fuegos artificiales - 28 de junio

As the local fiestas come to an end, many of our students were able to enjoy the fantastic dispay of fuegos artificiales with their host families. (Photos courtesy of A. Lease)

El río

Yesterday after lunch, we decided to go a local park for our deportes. While several students were more than ready to indulge in the local fútbol fever and play a quick game, the others wanted to head down to el río. And as you can see, one student was feeling particularly adventurous and made a new friend. :)

(Photo of el serpiente thanks to Zack)

Fútbol fever, Part 2

Fútbol fever hit the Honors Program again as our students met up at Café Victoria to cheer on Spain’s team against Portugal.

Monday, June 28, 2010

La corrida de toros, Part 11 - 26 junio 2010

A few of our students taking part in the tradition of waving a white bandana to encourage the presidente judging the fight to award the torero his prize for a "good" fight: 1 ear; for a "great" fight: 2 ears; and for an "exceptional" or "outstanding" fight: 2 ears and the bull's tail.

La corrida de toros, Part 10 - 26 junio 2010

The final moments...

La corrida de toros, Part 9 - 26 junio 2010

While some watched with anticipation of the inevitable conclusion, others preferred not to (and that's okay!)...

La corrida de toros, Part 8 - 26 de junio 2010

The dance between man and beast continues...

La corrida de toros, Part 7 - 26 julio 2010

A master at work...

La corrida de toros, Part 6 - 26 junio 2010

One of the famous toreros

La corrida de toros, Part 5 - 26 junio 2010

More toros

Sunday, June 27, 2010

La corrida de toros, Part 4 - 26 junio 2010

And so the corrida begins...

La corrida de toros, Part 3 - 26 de junio 2010

Getting started...

La corrida de toros, Part 2 - 26 de junio 2010

These were taken before the action in the arena started...

La corrida de toros - 26 junio 2010

With a mixture of curiosity and nerves, anxiety and excitement, the students met up with us last night for the corrida de toros. The event, which lasted about three hours, featured 8 bulls and 3 of Spain's most well-known toreros: Ponce, "El Fandi" and Cayetano.

Around León…

Friday, June 25, 2010

Of friends and fútbol fever…

While several of the students decided to stay in to watch tonight’s big game with their families, others met up at Café Victoria in the city’s center to help cheer on Spain’s national team against Chile.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Looking ahead...

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been gone for two weeks already, but our time here in León is flying by fast. The next few days will be busy for our students as we continue with our daily classes, co-curricular activities (theater, choir and sports) and prepare for the celebration of the local fiestas of San Juan and San Pedro. Wednesday brings the concert of the popular Spanish band, Oreja de van Gogh and fireworks. On Thursday, students will have a “break” and get to spend the day at home with their families. On Friday, classes will resume but the fun of the fiestas does not end as on Saturday, we will be going to a bullfight. Please check back for pictures and updates!

Segovia, Part 7 - June 18, 2010

More of El Alcázar

Segovia, Part 6 - June 18, 2010

More of El Alcázar .