Thursday, July 29, 2010

One last adventure, Part 3

One last adventure, Part 2

One last adventure...

After carefully packing, weighing and re-weighing countless suitcases, checking-in, getting through security, making a mad dash through Barajas, and waiting for a few misplaced passengers (none of ours, thankfully!), we departed on our final adventure back across the Atlantic.

Sad to leave Spain but happy to see their families once again at home, the students agreed to pose just "one last time" for the blog. :)

Madrid, Part 2 - 21 de julio 2010

In spite of the continued warm temperatures, we made the most of our time in the city and went to visit both the famed Prado and Reina Sofia, where our final group picture was taken. After spending some more time in the pool, indulging in a final siesta or wrestling to fit the last purchases in a suitcase, we took the students back to the city center for our last dinner. On the menu? A traditional paella, a very appropriate meal to have just once more before saying adiós to España.

Madrid - Part 1, 21 de julio 2010

After taking advantage of a late afternoon siesta or a trip to the pool back in Madrid, we brought the students into the heart of the city for some free time to shop and explore. Some students even made a quick stop at an American favorite!

When the group met up again, we passed through the well-known Plaza Mayor and made our way to what would be our second-to-last dinner together.

Toledo, Part 2 - 20 de junio 2010

In spite of the blazing sun, I convinced students to pose for what would be, sadly, one of our last group photos outside of la catedral.

Toledo, Part 1 - 20 de julio 2010

After giving the students some time to take in the city, shop and relax, we made our way to the much cooler cathedral.

Our next adventure...

The next morning, students said goodbye to León and their host families and boarded a bus bound for Madrid. With the sun shining, we made our way toward the sunny and (very) warm capital where we stopped briefly at the residence hall where we would be staying before going to Toledo.

Monday, July 26, 2010

La despedida, Part 5 - 19 de junio 2010

After the despedida ended, students were met by their Spanish families with many hugs, kisses and tears.

La despedida, Part 4 - 19 de julio 2010

In the first picture, a scene from the final song, Un beso y una flor, which was started by just the members of the coro but finished by all of the students in the program. After the song, students exited the stage to pick up a memory book and una flor (flower) for their host mothers.

In the next picture, the students surprised each member of El equipo with a bouquet of flowers and a card to express their gratitude.

La despedida, Part 3 -19 de junio 2010

In the first pictures, two scenes from Federico García Lorca’s poem Romance de la luna, luna.

In the next pictures, Alexandra L. performing Amaral’s Días de verano (accompanied on stage by Zack P.).

In the last picture, Chocolate being performed by Caitlyn, Rebecca W. and Margaret.

La despedida, Part 2 - 19 de junio 2010

In the first picture, our site director, Lorenzo, officially starting the program for the evening.

In the second picture, the girls’ performance of Shakira's Waka Waka (Esto es África) the theme song from the 2010 World Cup.

In the third picture, El ultimo vals by Oreja de Van Gogh (a group that a number of students got to see in concert during the local festivals), being performed by Maya and Tasha.

In the fourth picture, the coro performing David Bisbal’s Ave María.

La despedida - 19 de junio 2010

The despedida, held on our last night in León, featured 6 songs, 1 poem and 1 short play all wonderfully performed by our students.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Welcome back!

Although our time in Spain has ended, the posts on the blog have not! Over the next day or so I will be adding in our final group pictures from the despedida, Toledo, Madrid and our trip back to the States. Please keep checking back and as always, let the students know that any pictures they'd like to "take" from the Blog for their own use are theirs. Also, I will be adding a list for students of popular music in Spanish for those who'd like to keep up.

I hope everyone has adjusted well to English, the time change and being back in the U.S. with friends and family. Take good care!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A summer full of memories...

These are pictures of the revista, or magazine, that was made this summer with student contributions. Featuring pictures, art, lists and many memories, students will each be receiving a copy sometime after their return.

Special thanks to Eduardo and Josué for their wonderful cover art!

Just another Friday night in León…

and a great time was had by all! (Photo taken in the Plaza Mayor)

Casablanca, Part 2

As a treat for the students to celebrate the end of the program, a special dessert was served and just before we left, they surprised us by asking to see the manager, Frank, and the cook. All the students gathered together and greeted them with a round of applause in thanks for a great summer (and some pretty good food!)


These photos were taken on Friday, during our last “official” lunch together at Casablanca in León.